todd francis

Zuvii is headquartered in the high elevations of Park City, Utah, lead by Director of Operations Todd Francis.

Zuvii Banana Flour is 100% Organic, Non-GMO, Gluten Free, Paleo and Resistant Starch Certified.  Zuvii Green Banana Flour is packed full of Potassium and Resistant Starch "Pre-biotic Fiber" which improves immune and gut health. The ultimate addition to your morning smoothie and gluten free baking. Zuvii has a full line up of Organic baking mixes including; Brownies, Pancake & Waffles & Vanilla and Chocolate Cakes.

Zuvii’s mission is to deliver the highest quality products with outstanding service to customers and partners. They use the best sourced ingredients from around the world, carefully developed for a taste of perfection that delivers ultimate nutrition. Today, Zuvii is led by a team of deeply responsible individuals who continuously strive to improve and perform at the highest level.


Organic. Active. Healthy.