Can gluten-free can taste good? Enter, Zuvii Banana Flour and Baking Mixes.

Park City native David Wintzer always had an entrepreneurial spirit and vision, but no clear product idea. His inspiration came while on a service trip to Kenya when he was a student at Westminster College. In Kenya, he worked with the Women Entrepreneur’s Development Organization and was introduced to banana our.

As he learned more about its health bene ts and how it is used as a wheat- our alternative, David’s creative thinking identi ed a great opportunity. He tested the idea at an entrepreneur competition back at school, and his third-place nish birthed a successful, mission-oriented business headquartered in Park City.

All natural, Zuvii Banana Flour is full of natural vitamins and minerals with 12 bananas worth of potassium in every container. Made from 100 percent all natural green bananas, it has an earthy taste with a light and uffy texture. Zuvii also has just released a new line of pancake and baking mixes to provide additional gluten free alternatives.


Simple. Pure. Delicious.

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