Whether your soul is bound to the mountains, the ocean, or the city streets, wearing Zenzee tells the world you’re feeling good from head-to-toe.

Sharon Backurz grew up in Steamboat Springs and started her career as a visual and interactive designer in the big cities of New York and San Francisco. Missing the mountains and small town lifestyle, she and her family moved to Park City in 2009 where she launched her lifestyle brand Zenzee.

Design fuels Sharon’s life, and she enjoys making things that inspire a smile and add comfort to life’s crazy journey. Sharon’s treads and threads are all that and then some! Zenzee’s eye-catching shoes emphasize color and strong graphic elements and are constructed with natural fibers that form to your feet in just a few wears. The Zenzee T-shirt line is inspired by typography and whimsical imagery and offer a sense of fun and spontaneity wherever your adventures take you.