Christian Schauf
Uncharted Supply Co.

After 3 decades of spending his life outdoors, Christian Schauf found himself in a gridlock for

hours on the I-405 in Los Angeles. The culprit was a light drizzle. He began to wonder, "If rain can stop a city, what happens if something serious was to occur?"

This event began his mission to develop products designed to help people when life takes an unexpected turn. Christian enlisted some of his closest friends -- mountain guides, doctors, special forces, and first responders, asking them all the same question: "What would you teach and equip your family with if you weren't there to protect them from an emergency?

Their message has been well received. In less than a year, Uncharted Supply Co’s products have protected and provided peace of mind for people in over 80 countries and are used by everyone from single mothers to bush pilots to the CIA.

Uncharted Supply Co.

Survival. Modern. Premium.