Kathy Stanton
Ultimate Christmas Storage


Ultimate Christmas Storage started almost 20 years ago as an additional line to the Stanton family’s high-end decorative picture frame, stationary and personal organizing accessories business. The archival storage boxes designed exclusively for fragile hand-blown glass ornaments became successful very quickly, due not only to the family’s large existing client base familiar with their high quality construction, beautiful decorative fabrics, and efficient organizing options, but to the fact that nothing else like the product existed.

UCS was the first and is still the only line of acid-free Christmas ornament storage. Kathy’s partner Steve designs all the product, his background in architecture helping him to easily transition from designing efficient homes to efficient storage. Kathy handles the company’s customer service, marketing, and sales.

Since moving full time to Park City four and a half years ago, the pair travels to the factory in California several times a year to catch up with the loyal staff that have been making products for Ultimate Christmas Storage customers for almost 40 years.

Ultimate Christmas Storage

Timeless. Beautiful. Practical.

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