Alisha Niswander

Alisha Niswander grew up in a family that was always making something. Her mom was a basket weaver in her spare time, there was always a quilt set up at my grandmother's house and her dad built furniture out of old barns. At a young age she was encouraged to create.

Shortly after moving to Park City, she had a dream-- a literal dream, at night, while she was sleeping. She dreamt that she started a crochet business called 'Threadheads.' In the dream she was making hats, cumber buns, skirts, scarves, essentially all things crochet. At the time she was working at Bad Ass Coffee. She woke up that morning, decided to pick up a skein of yarn and a hook and see what happened during her shift. She sat down between customers, and by the time her shift was over, she had made her first hat.

She was hooked (pun intended). Self taught, no patterns, no idea what the stitch was called (still to this day...). She decided to start making hats and stock piling them under her bed, waiting for the right opportunity. Two years later, the Park Silly Market started. This was her first attempt at selling. She couldn't believe it when people liked her product and started buying! The business grew from there.

Shortly after, she took a sewing class and began making mittens out of sweaters and up-cycling all sorts of other things. What was once a dream has grown into a fun little cottage business. Everything is made by Alisha, and is one of a kind. She is proud of what she does. Lots of love into every piece!


handmade. individual. functional.