Debbie drain
The chicks company

The vision of The Chicks Company is to connect women globally through inspiring collections designed to encourage an active lifestyle. Their mission is to involve women in as many aspects of the business as possible, in so doing, creating community driven collections that inspire women to be active together and resulting in a global community.

Their branded logos are designed to inspire and bring women together. Their collections include apparel, coffee and accessories. Founder of The Chicks company, Debbie Drain, says of the reason behind the organization: “I aspire to help women awaken their confidence and find their Super Chick. I aim to encourage women to DREAM and then to go DO. I try to demonstrate the process of working toward one’s Dreams. And I strongly believe in fostering community because in community we gain strength which results in new pathways of discovery that benefit ALL.”

The Chicks Company

stylish. inspiring.