Changing the world, one act of kindness at a time is Susan Johnston’s mission.

A professor at the University of Utah whose research and teaching focuses on meeting the needs of young children with disabilities and their families, Susan wanted to do something about the hate and negativity in the world.

In coordination with her research and scholarly work, Susan began developing a brand that supports consumers of all ages in making the world better in ways that are fun and easy. Her products include illustrated books with interactive activities, plush toys, and additional merchandise that assist consumers in understanding the important role they play in addressing environmental and social issues.

Her first product, “The Gnome in Your Home® - A Tradition of Kindness” is a rhyming children’s book and toy that helps children and families discover and share the gift of kindness. She worked with Park City High School student Alexa Kanarowski who illustrated the book and together they brought the story to life.

The Gnome in Your Home.

KIND. FUN. Meaningful.