Nate Tomlinson + Ethan Fischer
Straight Air

In 2011 Ethan Fischer and Nate Tomlinson printed a custom "party" logo on a couple T-shirts and wore them to the bar on Clown Day. The enthusiastic response from fellow partiers, followed by months of inquiries, led these two deadbeats to pool their resources and print a small followup batch of shirts. All of the T-shirts made were given away, and a "brand" was born.

Straight Air was founded on the simple belief that you don't have to be cool to be rad. And sometimes in the name of getting rad you have to throw a giant, hung out, old school straight air. Spread eagle, daffy, cossack, backscratcher...if you feel like a hot-dogger then you're doing it right. So leave the spinning to the figure skaters and huck the granddaddy of all tricks, the Straight Air.

Straight Air

Retro. Rad. Party.