Soul Poles was built with a mission to build quality products that
inspire momentous living and the protection of the playgrounds we love.
Founder, owner, and CEO, Bryon Friedman is also a musician and
former U.S. Ski Team racer. He’s crafted an environmentally conscious
brand with the goal to innovate the greenest equipment in the outdoor
industry—merging sustainable design with uncompromising
performance and truly original style.

The retro, sturdy bamboo ski poles are handcrafted in Park City.
Customers can design their poles by selecting the grip, basket and
tip colors as well as individualizing them with custom engraving.
The ergonomically designed grips, as well as baskets, and tips are
made from recycled materials.

Call it family, friends, or tribe, Soul Poles chooses to work with
like-minded individuals and organizations that share their vision
and are dedicated to building something that truly matters.
Soul Poles.

plant your soul.