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Ted Ligety is a Utah native, professional skier, two-time Olympic gold medalist, and entrepreneur. He first met his partner Carlo Salmini, a materials engineer in the winter of 2005. Carlo raced for fun and tapped into his extensive experience with carbon fiber to develop his own ski equipment. They quickly became friends and began collaborating on prototypes. Guided by a love for the mountains, the team at Shred work together to drive innovation. From their eyewear to their protective equipment, the resulting products blend sophisticated materials, fresh technology, and exceptional engineering.

Carlo hijacked a corner of his father’s office in Venice, Italy for their global headquarters while Ted ran his US operations out of his attic in Park City, enlisting friends as sales reps. With 10 years of hustle and grit, they’re still building the products of their dreams.

Today, their commitment to innovation is stronger than ever. Whether developing helmets, back protectors, sunglasses, or goggles, they are pioneering fresh technology and emerging as a market leader—while proudly maintaining their status as underdogs. By blending performance and style, Shred helps you have fun, stay safe, and push your limits.

Shred Optics

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