shannon bahrke
mommy, why is your hair pink?

Shannon Bahrke is a 2-time Olympic Medalist in the sport of freestyle mogul skiing who is most known on the slopes for her big smile and signature pink hair. She retired in 2010, got married and in 2013 had a little girl named Zoe Bea Happe. One day Zoe asked her “Mommy, Why Is Your Hair Pink?” and she knew instantly that a children’s book needed to be written.  

Shannon tells the exciting true story about believing in yourself, pursuing your dreams and knowing that everything you need to succeed is deep within yourself.  

“Mommy, Why Is Your Hair Pink?” will inspire children to discover their unique inner light. As they allow their light to shine, children will find an expression of self that is authentic and bright – even if that expression happens to be HOT PINK!!

Mommy, Why is Your Hair Pink?

pink. fun. inspirational.