Ronald butkovich
rSB Design co. 

A third generation Parkite, Ron Butkovich looks to the natural world
for inspiration in his unconventional, handcrafted, organic jewelry
pieces. He thinks of each piece as a mini-sculpture with an edge of
humor and discovery.

Using lost wax and fabrication techniques, Ron delights in the
unpredictable use of traditional materials, including silver, gold,
precious metals, and stones. His creations are whimsical and edgy,
great for both everyday and special occasion wear. RSB’s latest
collection is inspired by the Aspen branch. Cast in sterling silver or
gold, it celebrates the Quaking Aspen as Utah’s new state tree.

Established in 1988, RSB Designs caters to the unique desires and
ideas of each client, with an emphasis on original, wearable art,
including handcrafted rings, pendants, bracelets, earrings and

RSB Design Co.