Richard Pick
RDP Nature Photography

Richard Pick is a Park City-based nature photographer. He is a native of Wisconsin, where he graduated from the University of Wisconsin-Madison before moving West. He has a lifelong passion for creative nature photography, and in 2009 he established RDP Nature Photography.

Richard enjoys photographing birds and travels extensively to capture images in natural environments. His photographs are often used by Audubon. His landscapes take us to places very, very few people get to experience. These are Utah's most remote and wild places. These are the places where you can enjoy solitude, silence and peace. But these are the very places our Utah politicians want to open for development.

Richard believes that wilderness can only be lost; it cannot be created. When these wild places are gone, they are gone forever. Once encompassing the entire West, wilderness areas are now just a small fraction of the land. He feels that it must be understood that wild places are not just something to be conquered, and when individuals start to see land as a community to which they belong, they may start to treat it with the love and respect it deserves. These landscapes give us a glimpse of what we could lose if we do not protect these places.

RDP Nature Photography

Solitude. Sacred. Peace.