Product design is in Andy Haase’s blood. He spent over 20 years as both a designer and in leadership roles for some of the world’s largest brands including Motorola, GE, AT&T, Alienware/Dell and Whirlpool. He likely has had a hand in building some of your favorite and most relied upon household products.

In 2010 he formed his own design consultancy, Raptor Creative, to serve a broader range of clients. He designs and manufactures both his own products and those commissioned by others. He also does packaging, point of purchase displays, and more.

Over his years as an industrial designer, Andy has formed strategic part- nerships with over 100 factories spread around the globe, and he relies on these relationships to successfully deliver a client’s products to market.

One recent Raptor Creative product is the OMO or Optical Musical Object. The OMO is a portable Bluetooth speaker that plays music over a 40-Watt stereo system, is fully waterproof, oats, and offers integrated music controls and a colorful light show. It’s a party in a box that keeps your phone safe and dry, away from the pool or hot tub.

Raptor Creative.