Richard Pick
RDP Nature Photography

Richard Pick is a Park City-based nature photographer. He is a native of Wisconsin, where he graduated from the University of Wisconsin-Madison before moving West. He has a lifelong passion for creative nature photography, and in 2009 he established RDP Nature Photography.

Richard enjoys photographing birds and travels extensively to capture images in natural environments. His photographs are often used by Audubon. His landscapes are characterized by their sharp detail and large size.The delicate colors result from soft, overcast light or those moments just before sunrise or after sunset. His new book about Bears Ears National Monument includes over 70 images that celebrate the Ancestral Puebloan habitation sites preserved there and help viewers study and explore the vast beauty and cultural history of the area.

His photographs are not intended to be images of things, but rather about things -- meant to be explored as if the viewer was really there.


RDP Nature Photography.

Solitude. Sacred. Peaceful.