fred montague
Mountain bear ink

Fred Montague is an artist, author, wildlife biologist, and founder of Mountain Bear Ink— a small, independent art studio, workshop, and press celebrating environmental awareness, ecological consciousness, and the gifts of cultural and biological diversity. Mountain Bear Ink offers original drawings, limited edition woodcuts and letterpress prints, and artist's books.

Fred feels that an indication of a responsible society is its commitment to protect aesthetic, humanitarian, and ecological values. Fred Montague's books and art foster awareness of our place in Nature and promote action to live sustainably, to protect wild places, and to enable people to live peacefully amidst biological richness and cultural diversity.

His carefully rendered ink images and his unique handbound artists' books reflect his experience both as a wildlife biologist and a university teacher. His method of art is derived from traditional methods and stand in contrast to today's mass-production, fast-information processes. He prints his woodcuts on a 1913 letterpress in his workshop. Some of his drawings take hundreds of hours to complete, one of his books required 13 years, and he has scores of notebooks still to be mined for tomorrow's projects.

Mountain Bear Ink

Bold. Environmental. Graphic.