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Hollye Shepherd was pregnant and working as a property manager, which meant she needed to carry her phone with her all the time. She had heard warnings from the health department’s cautions not to carry your phone on your body because phones emits radiation all the time. She dug deeper and found numerous research articles on the issue which made her a bit concerned. She began to question how she could stay connected and be protected at the same time?

With that in mind she began researching bags currently on the market, however there were no stylish options to address her problem. She wanted a bag you could take anywhere, and it needed to be small enough to wear on your body, but large enough to hold just the essentials-- a hip bag for quick errands and travel, a cross body bag for the days the outfit needed it, and a clutch for the date nights.

Hollye conducted her own research by reaching out to and interviewing over 110 women to find out what the perfect bag would look like to them. The result was the Lylo Bag. It has a specific holder for lipstick or chapstick so it's never lost at the bottom of the bag, and a special hook for keys so they never fall out or get stolen. Lylo Bags are  made with some of the best hardware and materials from North America and it is designed with anti radiation fabric, keeping us safe from our phones constant emissions.

It's the perfect combination of safety and style making it possible to “stay connected with your bits protected.”

Lylo Design

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