Melissa Marsted was inspired to write and read by her 2nd grade teacher at Cherry Brook Elementary School in Canton, Connecticut, and she started running in high school. She has since always loved to run, ski, hike and rock climb - anything that takes her outside and into nature! In November of 2015 she was running her second ultra-running race, a 50K on Antelope Island, and had an epiphany to write a children's book about Utah's five national parks. During the last three years she has published three books about national parks under the series name, Wildlife Adventures for Young Readers. At the time she was also in the midst of creating the next four books in the series, including the forthcoming, The Tale of Five Pikas.

Melissa feels that she has found her purpose with Lucky Penny Publications. For her 30-year graduation anniversary she wrote a reflection on her life purpose and the purpose of LuckyPenny: "To apply my courage, creativity, intuition, and sense of adventure to write and publish outdoor adventure articles and national park books for children, and to advocate for the National Park System, public lands, and the humanities while also encouraging individuals, young and old, to explore nature and live a sustainable, healthy lifestyle.”

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