Joe Schmeider founded Khalibre Mountain in 2014 with an idea to design American-made outerwear that would make grandparents proud and neighbors jealous. After staring at a blank piece of paper for 6 months, he was ready to build the perfect coat around which a company was born.

The groundwork was a simple concept. It was the execution that would push the young brand to the breaking point. The material had to be only the best wool, the style must be a classy yet updated design for everyday wear, and the production needed be done in the USA.

These are the tenets put into each piece Khalibre Mountain makes. The line of coats, shirts, and hats are crafted to withstand the elements and outdoor lifestyle while holding up to changing fashion trends. Now Joe spends his time finding the next design to perfect, while sharing his vision for quality modern manufacturing at shows around the country. If it’s outerwear, it should be made to last. At Khalibre, unmatched craftsmanship is the only answer.

Khalibre Mountain

traditional. American. Crafted.