Juanita marshall
juanita marshall ceramics

Inspired by the natural world around her, ceramist Juanita Marshall’s
handcrafted pieces reflect nature, harmony, and balance.

After years working as an accountant, Juanita returned to school
when her children started college. In 2010, she earned a BFA from
the University of Utah with an emphasis in ceramics.

She is motivated by the challenges and complexities of working with
clay. She is particularly intrigued by the medium’s tendency to change
unexpectedly when wet and then to shift states and become solid and
sturdy, yet still fragile and easily broken.

Over the years, she has taught her craft to adults and children.
She sells and shows her work at Park City and Salt Lake City art
galleries and events.

Juanita Marshall Ceramics.



w: parkcityart.com/juanita-marshall