Juanita marshall
juanita marshall ceramics

Juanita Marshall Ceramics offers individually hand crafted ceramic works for everyday rituals and routines.

Juanita’s pieces are inspired by ancient forms and vessels, reflecting her interest in nature, geology, and the evolution of clay processes and design. Each piece is either wheel-thrown on a potters wheel, hand formed, or a combination of both techniques. Her artwork is made with porcelain clay (a fine white clay that shows great detail and enhances glazes) or out of a gritty stoneware clay with oxides and organic matter that produce earthy tones. The pieces are then glazed and fired multiple times.   

Profits from Juanita Marshall’s pottery sales benefit a personal "Peace Pot" mission with proceeds generally directed to one of the many nonprofit organizations in Park City that support art, nature, and extended education for children and adults, as well as community organizations whose missions are to make the world a better place.

Juanita Marshall Ceramics.



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