Melissa skarsten
jewElry by melissa

Originally from CA, Melissa Skarsten spent decades in the corporate world before doing a 180-degree life change and becoming a traditionally trained goldsmith. Melissa studied at The Revere Academy in San Francisco, worked for a commercial jeweler in Park City, and jumped into the arts and crafts marketplace with her own jewelry line and collection in 2013.

Melissa is haunted by ancient redwood forests. She is captivated by the mystery of nature and feels a deep connection to life as she walks through the woodland cathedrals. Each unique piece Melissa creates reflects nature’s mystery, highlighting gemstones from the earth and pearls from the sea in jewelry with an organic elegance and sense of antiquity. Each piece inspires the next, emulating nature and human individuality while sparking a personal connection and emotion.

Jewelry by Melissa

Organic. Elegant. Unique.