Michael wong
ikos toys

In a world overrun by straight lines and square buildings, toymaker Mike Wong seeks to bend the rules and create with curves. He launched IKOS Toys as a gateway to inspire future engineers and artists.

 The idea for IKOS emerged when Mike Wong returned to his alma mater, Park City High School, and began mentoring students interested through the CAPS program. Utilizing desktop 3D printing they designed IKOS, a modular, spherical building toy for creators of all ages. IKOS are manufactured of 100% recycled HDPE (#2 plastic) in Utah. Linking IKOS building blocks together, users can create everything from a full sphere to abstract creations and 3D puzzles.

Mathematically, a sphere embodies the principle of conservation by using 20% less material to hold the same amount of volume as a rectangular structure. Wong hopes that IKOS Toys will help spread this knowledge in a simple and fun manner that will inspire future generations to conserve resources and sustain the planet.


Curved. creative. stimulating.

w: ikotoys.com