Allison badell
Gypsy mountain skulls

Allison Badell was raised in the mountains of Idaho surrounded by the beautiful American West landscape. From an early age art was integral for Allison; she has since made a career of her art with a successful line of jewelry, interior design and event planning. She has continuously remained inspired by her mountain roots. She incorporates the seemingly ordinary things in her surroundings and transforms them into an extraordinary expression.

Gypsy Mountain Skulls was born as a healing process for Allison. Fleeing from an abusive relationship, one of the the items she brought with her was a steer skull. Using supplies from her jewelry line she created her first piece for Gypsy Mountain Skulls. The process of transforming the skulls into something beautiful and unique is as much a rebirth for her as it is for the animals. Allison gains an intimate connection to each piece; she is mindful of the existence of  the animal from the beginning.

The pieces of Gypsy Mountain Skulls represent the journey of Allison’s life. She feels a deep sense of gratitude to be able to share her journey through these pieces with the world.

Gypsy Mountain Skulls

Wild. beauty. rebirth.