Farasha Steps in with Style// BRANDed PC Pop-Up Shop

Here at Farasha, we know that fashion is more than lipstick and luxury. Whether you need a pop-up boutique, a wardrobe makeover, a photoshoot styled, or a fashion show produced, we are your go-to fashion experts!

Human beings have used dress to express their personal beliefs, cultural affiliations, bravery and unique points of view for centuries. There are so many different points of view that inform the fashion landscape, and personal expression is what keeps the cultural soil rich! Our mission is to empower people with the skills to look and feel like the very most genuine version of themselves. That is the true power of fashion.

Sharing unique voices in the world of fashion design is one of our strengths; for years Farasha has been a place where up-and- coming designers from all over the world can share their unique collections. It is for this reason that we appreciate the work of the Summit County Arts Council and BRANDed PC for showcasing the people making unique clothing, accessories, toys and home goods right here in Summit County! We are proud to sponsor BRANDed PC 2017 by executing a holiday fashion show that brings the local makers’ merchandise to life.

Farasha is a full-service fashion consulting company based here in Park City, Utah. To learn more about Farasha’s fashion consulting work, check out www.FarashaStyle.com. If you want personal styling service that come to you, visit www.ShopFarasha.com/farashafix. The Farasha Fix is a subscription shopping service that is launching on December first of 2017. Get everything you need to live stylishly in 2018 by taking our simple style quiz!