Stormy Sparlin
Faded Cloth

Stormy has worked in corporate retail most of her adult life as Creative Director of other people’s vision. Finally, she decided to launch her own vision. She designs products that she likes and will wear and that provide unique wardrobe staples for women who seek functional originality; who feel that design is in the details, and who are not constrained by market definitions of ‘feminine’ and masculine’.

Having worked alongside creatives like Kanye West and with storied brands like Sundance, Stormy has learned it is always worth finding one’s own path and creating one’s own story.

Stormy has always been inspired by men’s tailoring because of the detail, the focus on quality raw materials, and the superb fit. Faded Cloth captures those attributes, blurring the lines that define women’s sportswear. The collection is understandable, timeless, and unapologetically, modernly feminine.

“There are no guarantees. There are dreams. Faded Cloth is one of my dreams and pursuing dreams is a journey worth taking. “

understandable. timeless.feminine.