Shelane Nunnery

Shelane Nunnery is a Chicago native who moved to Park City, Utah in 2016. Her professional background includes advertising, marketing and corporate events.Her passion for travel led her to found Noble Goat Travel, LLC, a company that specializes in unique, experiential journeys.

Shopping, another passion, always accompanies her travels.She is often inspired by objects of adornment that are unique to other countries and cultures.The textiles, the textures, the colors - in all their glory!She has a special appreciation for handmade creations, textiles and embellishments.It was a scrap of a sari remnant, faded from time and worn thin from wear, that inspired her to create something that can be worn on any day of the week.From this little faded remant, MAHOUT was born. No two pieces are ever alike.Her current collection is a combination of adorned vintage military and military inspired clothing.

No matter where we call home or the language we speak, there is a common thread that unites us all.She tries to work with independent artisans and small business as much as possible in an effort to empower the private business owner and entrepreneurial spirit. She remains dedicated to finding beauty whenever she travels. Boutique Mahout supports various efforts that are dedicated to elephants in need.

Shelane Nunnery

inspired. adorned. glorious.