sara seaver
82 degrees and sunny

Carry a piece of island life with you via Park City's fresh, vibrant beach bag and accessories brand, 82 Degrees & Sunny.

While living and teaching kitesurfing on St. Croix, Sara Seaver picked up sewing as a new hobby on her 30th birthday. Her first projects were custom beach bags that she gifted to friends, whose great reviews prompted her to begin selling them at local shops and oceanside markets as unique, functional souvenirs from the island.

In 2016, Sara's passion for travel, adventure, and the outdoors brought her to Park City, where she immediately felt at home and enthusiastically set up shop. Simple and utilitarian in design, all products are made with quality and integrity by her esteemed team of local sewers and then offered at an affordable price point. Sara endeavors to create a little something for everyone by using an enormous array of varied prints and color combination. She hopes that these one-of-a-kind pieces in bright, lively patterns represent the dynamic vibe of carefree sunny beach days she has lived and loved so much.

82 Degrees and Sunny

functional. unique. uplifting.